Freestyle Custom Homes

Freestyle Custom Homes - We build your home, your way.

We are a small family business that builds new quality homes to your specifications. We believe in providing a more personalised service to our clients. We commit to a low volume of customers meaning that we can keep a higher quality of service.

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We have various styles of contracts to suit you. Including our 'Supervision only' contract which is ideal for developers and owner builders who want to save money and have more control over their project.

No variations charges. We mean it when we say 'Your home. Your way.' Fit out your home with your style and don't worry about there being a steep builder's margin on the variation, there isn't any1.

Flexibility. We have an excellent tradebase, however you can choose the tradespeople you want. If you have a friend or family member you would like to use for any given trade we are happy to schedule them in for you2.

Customer referral promise. If you like what we have built for you, why not tell your friends about it and earn $1000 for your referral. This offer can be redeemed as many times as you like. The more referrals, the more money you can earn3

1Clients are encouraged to do all selections early to avoid any late changes, however if another product is desired prior to time of installation only the difference of the supply and install and any relevant associated costs of the product will either be credited or charged accordingly, provided the original product can be returned for credit.2 Client's tradespersons must be fully qualified and provide Freestyle Custom Homes with copies of appropriate licenses, insurances and have a registered ABN.3 To be eligible for the CRP you must be a past or current contracted client and the referral must result in a contractual sale with the third party. Payment of the $1000 will be transferred to a nominated account upon Freestyle Custom Homes' receipt of the first progress payment.

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